A beautiful Sunday afternoon lesson

The indoor received a face-lift recently with fresh paint thanks to "Girls Can Paint", located in Bainbridge PA. If you have any painting needs, we highly recommend them! Their contact is 717-715-7997

Sandy & Luke recently received Reserve Champion in low hunter classes through Bridge Acres year end invite only show! Congratulations Sandy & Luke!

Sarah & Fin are now both registered to compete recognized level dressage at level one and this coming year they'll be working towards bronze medal and rider performance awards! (8/23/19)

Recent photos from Sarah's lesson/training program! (8/12/19)


This past weekend Sarah & Lana Stum both competed at the Silver Moon Show at Cedar Valley Stables. Lana entered into Training Level test #1 and received 2nd place with a 55%. Sarah entered into First Level test #1 and received 1st place with a 66.55%! This was the first time showing at these levels for both riders. We are so proud of both riders and their horse Fin! (8/11/19)

Sarah, Lana & Sandy rode (Fin & Luke) at the Cross Road Tack Hunter/Jumper Show this weekend! (6/23/19)

On July 8, 2017 Owner Cindy Stum's daughter had her wedding on the family farm

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