Boarders at Covered Bridge Equestrian Center enjoy coming to the barn to relax and spend quality time with their horses.  We are often praised for our friendly “family” like atmosphere. All disciplines of riding are welcome. All breeds are welcomed and loved the same.  Some of our boarders compete in 4-H and fun shows, some ride trails, and some come just to relax and enjoy their horse.  We have wonderful facilities at the farm to train or just enjoy time with your horse.  We also have access to a large amount of trail riding land adjacent to our farm. Here are a few things that set us apart from other barns...

Boarding at our stable includes:

Full Care by experienced personnel

Owner/Manager lives on property
Pastures and turnout with safe fencing
Maximum turnout time weather permitting

10'X12' stalls with full length widows

10'X10' interior stalls
60' x120’ lighted stone-dust indoor
100’x200’ stone-dust outdoor ring
60’ round pen
Locked Tack rooms

Heated restroom

Wall mounted hay nets in each stall
Wash areas   
Trailer parking


Full Care-

·10’ x 12’ stall (with window)  $410.00
·10’ x 10’ stall (without window)  $395.00

Self care, and partial self care options are
available, pricing varies.

Lessons and training now available! On site or haul in (Please see "Lessons" tab on top of the page)

Unique stalls

Our horses enjoy the bright 10’x12’ stalls with a 4' the window full length of the back wall of the stall, or the 10’x10’ stalls on the inner part of the barn. The stalls are cleaned 6 days a week. Water buckets both inside and out are cleaned regularly and filled multiple times throughout the day. Our horses are fed Brandt's Mill quality grain twice daily and have slow feed hay feeders in their stalls and turnout areas so they have hay at all times when not on grass.  

Dry lot and grass pasture turnout

Horses are outside as much as possible and brought in for severe or unsafe weather. With full care, horses have hay nets in their stalls as well as feeders outside thus insuring they have access to hay at all times. Horses are kept in dry-lot turnouts with hay and rotated into grass pasture for periods of time over the summer - weather and temperament permitting.

120' X 60' lighted indoor ring

Our indoor is like none you've ever seen before. Our indoors design allows for optimal light and air circulation. Never ride in a dark indoor with scary corners again! We have overhead lights for our late evening riders that will make you feel like you're riding in the middle of the afternoon. The sides of our indoor can be put "up" to make it completely enclosed, or can be "down" as shown in this picture. Even with the sides "up" during inclement weather, there are 8 cupola's across the roof of the building that spin to circulate air. 

200' X 100' outdoor ring
60' round pen
Special feed and care programs

The care is in a class by itself at Covered Bridge Equestrian Center. One blacksmith was heard to say our barn was “The best kept secret in Lancaster County.”  We weigh each horse’s feed every day, and will gladly give your horse any supplements he or she needs. We work very closely with the owner to maintain the best weight and condition of the horse. With the care given in our feeding program the owner can rest assured their horse is getting the feed and medication it needs.

Acres of trails on & just off of property

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